Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Christ Establishing His Kingdom

On the final day, the Messiah will come to earth with all the authority and power of the spirit world. On that day, he will establish his kingdom.  Every person on earth will be gathered and all will stand in line like immigrants.  Those whose paperwork checks out will be on the right, and those whose paperwork is inadequate will stand on the left.

The king will say to those on his right, “I am overjoyed to have you in my kingdom, which God has been preparing for you from the creation of the world.  I was hungry and you gave me food.  I was homeless and you gave me a place to stay.  I lacked clothing and you clothed me. I was in need of companionship and you listened to me. I was desperate for justice and you marched with me.  I was arrested and you picked me up from jail.” 

These merciful looked confused and replied, “When did we do this? When did we house you or help you or listen to you?” 

The King responds, “I sent my people to you. When you acted mercifully to them, you did the same to me.”

Then he turned to those on his left and said, “Leave me. Get out of my kingdom. Go and be punished with the devil, as you acted like him.  For I was hungry and you ignored me.  I was an immigrant and you pushed me away.  I was freezing and you told me to get a job.  I was lonely and you told me to shut up. I needed justice and you said my suffering was my own fault.  I was arrested and you said I deserved it.” 

They answered, “But when did we ignore you or say any of these things to you? We honored you, Lord, our whole lives.” 

The King replied, “When I sent my people in the garb of poverty and need to you, this is how you treated them.  Even so, this is how you treated me.  I will have nothing to do with you.” 

And these will go to punishment, but the merciful has a place in the nation of the merciful.

-Matthew 25:31-46, SKV