Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jesus Didn't Call Believers

Believing is nice.  It's great when someone believes in you, they say "I know you can do it", like the cheerers at the Special Olympics.  We all want people to encourage us, to push us on, to let us know that we are cool.

God has got plenty of people like that.  A lot of worshipers, a lot of people to praise Him, to believe in Him.  And I'm sure he appreciates that.

But when Jesus was on earth, he wasn't looking for cheerleaders, or those who would affirm his existence or his glory.  He's a pretty self-confident guy.  He knew he could rule the world.  He knew he was capable of anything.  Literally.  He really didn't need more people to remind him of that.

When Jesus came to earth, he sought followers.  Not people who would stay on the sidelines, but players who would get in the game.  Jesus wasn't seeking people who would tell him how cool he was-- he wanted people who would get their hands dirty and join in the work.

And he made the most severe demands on his followers.

He demanded they leave everything they had, all that they had worked for their entire lives.

He demanded they memorize all he said, so they could repeat it to others.

He demanded they go wherever he went, living out his lifestyle.

He demanded they followed the impulses of compassion, like he did, and that they give according to the provision of God, as he did.

And he demanded they trusted in God, completely, because they wouldn't know where their next meal or next support would come from.

Jesus didn't require believe-- he demanded faith.  When he comes back to earth, will he find that faith?

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