Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Insignificant-- Matthew 18

At that time, Jesus’ students approached him and asked, “Who gets to be a boss in God’s coming kingdom?” He called over a boy with Down's Syndrome and put him right in the middle of them. He said, “Pay attention now. Unless you become completely transformed and become like the incompetant, you won’t even get through the front door of God’s kingdom. 

"The one who will be boss is the one who will be on the level of this toddler-so ignored and considered so ignorant that they aren't consulted for decisions. And if you welcome and show hospitality to a child like this, then you are welcoming me. But whoever spiritually deflowers one of the insignificant ones who believe in me, he might as well strap himself to the bottom of the Titantic, because his punishment would be worse than that.  The world is a terrible place because of people and things that deflower your faith! Yes, it is true, such traps are inevitable—but how awful to be the agent of the trap! 

"So if something deeply important to you—even one of your own limbs!—causes you to stray away from God, get rid of it! It is better for you to be without one of your limbs, but alive, than to be whole but punished by God. And if whatever you see causes you to stray away from God, get rid of it! It is better to be half blind but alive than to see everything but end up punished eternally.

 "And be very careful that you do not disrespect one of my insignificant disciples—for they have a line directly to the throne of God!"

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