Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jesus the Healer

As the Son of God, declared so by God the Most High to all the spirit world (but not to humans), Jesus had authority to command all spirits in heaven and on earth.  He displayed this clearly by commanding evil spirits to be gone, and they left immediately.  Some, however, were attacked by evil spirits with sickness or blindness or deafness.  Not everyone’s sickness or blindness is caused by evil spirits, but those who were could be cured by the authority of Jesus.
            How did these people become attacked by Satan?  Anyone who purposely acts in opposition to God’s will is in rebellion to God.  Those who are in rebellion to God are handed over to Satan to be judged.  At this point, Satan can cause any manner of misery on those under his control.  Some he is content to only deceive, while others he causes seizures, leprosy or death.
            Jesus, however, came to take people out from Satan’s control.  He came to offer anyone who has faith in God’s kingdom and repentance of their sins a way back to God.  As he heals them, he shows that they are acceptable to God and that their cries of mercy will be listened to again.

            Jesus was teaching in Capernaum, and a huge crowd came to meet him.  In the house he was teaching in there was no room to stand, let alone to get in.  There was a man who could not walk, a paralytic, who had some friends who wanted to see him healed.  They were determined to place him before Jesus to be healed, but they couldn’t get in.  So they lifted the man up to the roof, tore the roof open and lowered the man down from the roof on his cot in front of Jesus.
            Jesus was impressed with the determination of these men.  So he declared to the paralytic in front of him, “Your sins are forgiven.  You may now ask God for healing, and he will listen to you.”  Some students of the law of Moses were there, listening to Jesus, and they did not like what they heard.  They mumbled to each other, “Who can forgive sins?  Only God alone!”  Jesus knew what they were thinking and said, “So you think the Son of Man cannot forgive sins?  You have seen him cast out demons.  What do you think is easier, to declare someone forgiven or to heal them?  So you know that the Son of Man has authority to forgive sins, though…”  Jesus then declared to the paralytic in front of him, “Get up, pick up your cot, and go home!”  The man then stood up, picked up his cot and walked home on his own. 

            Another time, Jesus was walking from place to place, and a man named Jairus bowed before Jesus and begged him, “Please heal my daughter.  She is sick and near death.”  Jesus agreed and Jairus led him to his home. A large crowd followed them.  On the way, however, a woman who had been bleeding for years came near Jesus.  Because of her bleeding, she was declared unclean by the law and could touch no one, and she was separated from her community.  Hidden by the crowd, she secretly touched Jesus for healing and she was immediately healed. 
            Jesus, though, had felt the power go out of him and asked aloud, “Who touched me?”  One of Jesus’ regular followers mentioned to Jesus, “Can’t you see there’s a huge crowd around you?  I’m sure many people touched you…”  Jesus ignored him and kept asking, “Who touched me?”  Sheepishly, the woman declared that she had touched him and explained her story.  Jesus then smiled at her and said, “Daughter, your faith has made you well.  Be at peace.”

            Meanwhile a messenger came to Jairus and said, “Your daughter is dead.  Don’t bother the teacher anymore.”  Jairus was in despair, but Jesus said to him, “Don’t be afraid.  Just have faith.”  Then Jesus sent all the crowds away but a few of his followers and continued to go to Jairus’ house.
            As they approached, the mourners met Jesus and Jairus.  Jesus said to them, “Why are you mourning and wailing?  The child isn’t dead—she’s asleep.” The mourners all mocked Jesus for what he said, but Jesus sent them all away.  Then Jesus took Jairus and his wife to the child’s room.  Jesus held their daughters hand and said, “Little girl, get up now.”  She then opened her eyes and got up.  She stood by her parents and Jesus said, “She is healthy now.  Get her some food—I’m sure she’s starving.  And listen to me, tell no one what happened here.”

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