Sunday, January 26, 2014

Debating Jesus, Part 1

Jesus went out of Jerusalem that night to sleep.  The next day, he was back in the temple, teaching.  Some Pharisees came up the next day to challenge Jesus.  They flattered him, trying to make him give a foolish response to their question.  

They said, “Master, we know that you teach the truth and that everything you say is right.  So please tell us, should we pay taxes to the Romans?”  They knew that if Jesus said “no” then the Romans would arrest him, but if he said “yes” that he wouldn’t be popular with the people.

Jesus didn’t respond how they thought, however.  He said, “Why are you trying to trick me?  Do you have a Roman coin?”  One of the Pharisees pulled out a Roman coin and showed it to Jesus.  Jesus then asked them, “What image is on that coin?”  

Some of the Pharisees backed away, because they realized that Jesus was displaying to all the people that they had brought an image into the temple, which was immoral and illegal. One of the Pharisees responded, though, “That is Caesar’s image.”  

Jesus said, “All right then, since the emperor’s image is on the coin, if he wants it, give it to him.  It belongs to him, as you can see.  On the other hand, God’s image is on every one of you.  So give to God what belongs to Him.”

"Caesar Augustus/Son of God"

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