Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Real Defendents

Jesus stood before the ruling council of the Judeans, the Sanhedrin.  And he stood before Pilate, the Roman governor of Judea.

Yet, it is not actually Jesus on trial here.  It is those who condemned Jesus.

They had no evidence of wrong-doing.  They had witnesses that contradicted each other, and empty accusations.  Pilate even declared Jesus to be innocent, before he agreed to have him taken away and crucified.  Both trials determined that Jesus was innocent, without guilt.  And yet both trials sentenced him to death.

This does not mean that Jesus somehow had done wrong, but that the kingdom of God (Judea) was being ruled by partial, unjust systems.  They were more interested in political expediency than they were about justice.

Who was just in those courtrooms?  Who was the support to the weak?  Who judged with fairness and equity?  Who really cared for the people of God?  Clearly it was Jesus.  Jesus is the deserving ruler, not the Sanhedrin or Pilate.  Not the Jewish High Priest or the Romans.

So we have that same choice today.  Is our justice system ruling with justice?  Do they kill innocent people?  Do our legislatures pass laws that benefit the people or for their own political expediency? Does the police forces and the President execute people on the basis of a fair trial, or by assumptions made in back rooms and prejudice?

Who is more just, Jesus, or our nation?  Who should rule?

The choice is yours over which system you want to guide your life.  The nation you were born in, or the kingdom of God ruled by Jesus.

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