Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Did He Die For, Really?

Did Jesus die for our consumer Christmas?

Do you really think that Jesus would be pleased with Xmas specials at Macy's?

What about the various Christmas industries--
The latest set of music about infant Jesus by the usual celebrity suspects?
The latest volumes of touching Christmas stories?
The recitation of Christmas platitudes, whether they be about the "spirit" of Christmas, or a general "merry" Christmas?
The recycling of the old Christmas specials that say nothing more than "gosh, we should be nice to each other?"

Jesus, who was born in a stable, would be pleased with people using their wealth to oppress the poor?
Jesus, who had to be an immigrant, accepting the platitudes against immigrants?
Jesus, whose angels came to homeless people, would think it's okay for us to help the needy one day a year and yell at them to "get a job" the rest?

If Jesus came on Christmas day, do you think he'd appreciate our drunken feasts in which our hatreds are barely suppressed? Or would he stand up and throw our Christmas presents out of the homes in which He is declared lord, as so many money-changers' tables? Would he gladly partake of our feasts, or would he ask, "Where are the poor to share this? Why did you only invite your family and friends and not the outcast? Why did you not invite a single person who couldn't pay you back? Why do you celebrate me and use your police to keep the poor away from you? Why do you love your own, but hate anyone who is not exactly like you?"

What is Jesus telling you right now?

Thanks to Bansky for the prophetic image.

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  1. Pretty depressing senario. I think it is a mixed message, though. I don't think Jesus would be upset at the celebration of love and generosity that Christmas can be, even with the gifts from Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Point made, we need to remember that the poor are always with us and notice and respond where we can all year long. Encouragement toward lovingkindness works better than guilt, though.


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